The Saga Continues

So, because the starlings seemed to have taken it over, I took down the flicker box I hung on the side of my house and thought that would be the end of it. And it was going to be, except last Thursday Flick came by looking for the box and landed on it where I’d left it sitting on my potting bench on the deck. He then started drumming on it, which made me feel terrible. I felt so terrible, I put the box back up again. I even put in fresh new wood shavings for him to excavate. Yes, I was shamed by a bird.

Flick excavating the flicker box. Photo by Jamie Simo.
Flick excavating the flicker box. Photo by Jamie Simo.

Northern flickers are apparently not early risers because the starlings have been hanging out near the box when I get up and I have to chase them away. Fortunately, they’re pretty skittish. Unfortunately, they’re persistent. But around late morning/early afternoon, the flickers have been arriving. Both Beaky and Flick have been at, on, or in the box for a good period of time for the last few days. Right now, Beaky is on the tree opposite the flicker house while Flick is inside the house.

Male northern flickers do most of the work of excavating a nesting cavity and that definitely has been the case here. Flick has been working steadily on the box with only occasional assistance from Beaky. She’s been on the box more often since Thursday though so I’m hopeful this means she’ll be laying eggs soon!

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