Home Sweet Home?

I am so excited! Two days ago I saw Flick and Beaky mate in the tree across from the flicker box. I didn’t see Flick at all yesterday, but I did see Beaky chase a starling away from the box, which gave me hope that the flickers have claimed it. My fingers are crossed because I’m tired of chasing starlings!

Today, the pair have alternated being in the box all day and have kept up a pretty steady hammering on the entrance to enlarge the hole. Since both male and female northern flickers incubate the eggs, this may be a sign that they’ve started laying (like many birds, flickers lay an egg a day until laying is over. They may end up with as many as 8 or 9.). Of course without a nest box camera, I can’t be sure about that. I’ll have to invest in one for next year. In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to wait and see if any chicks pop up. Eggs tend to hatch between 11 and 13 days after laying and the young fledge about two weeks later.

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