Today was a lot busier than yesterday. We went to bed fairly early yesterday so I felt better rested when I got up around 5 this morning.  We had breakfast at the hotel, then drove along the coast along the route the desk attendant recommended.

Grey Seal at Ytri Tunga, Iceland. Photo by Jamie Simo.

It was cloudy and somewhat rainy this morning, but our first stop was Ytri Tunga where we were able to see several seals along with shorebirds. The most common seals here are Grey and Harbor.

We then headed to an old 19th century church called Budir. Sheep were everywhere and, like our friends mentioned, most of them were in groups of 3. What’s with that? [EDIT: the free-roaming sheep are all ewes with their lambs and sheep usually have twins.] There were a lot of birds too, especially Arctic Terns.

We stopped at a couple beach areas and got to see small cliffs for nesting birds, especially Black-legged Kittiwakes. I can’t wait to see the big bird cliff in the West Fjords. There was a crater we stopped at and a beach with an old British shipwreck.

Free-range sheep at Budir church. Photo by Jamie Simo.

One of the highlights was a gorgeous waterfall. After several false starts, I finally got a bird guide (they were sold out of English ones in Snaefellness National Park). Now I can keep track of what I’ve seen!

We take the ferry tomorrow to the bird cliffs and hopefully we’ll see puffins.

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