Iceland Travelogue: Day 3 August 10, 2016

View from Baldur Ferry in Stykkisholmur Harbor. Photo by Jamie Simo.

This morning we actually had some place to be on time so we had to set the alarm. From Stykkishólmur, we boarded the Baldur ferry for the West Fjords. Though you can drive up, it takes much longer. Even so, the ferry ride was 3 hours.

We got on at 9am and I spent a lot of time on deck braving the cold wind and drizzle to see Northern Fulmars flying around. I even saw a gannet and a few puffins.

At noon we put in and got our car then drove up to Látrabjarg, the western-most point in Europe. We hit up Raudasandur Beach, named for its red sand. The sight of the blue water with the sand and the lava cliffs beyond was beautiful.

We had dinner in Patreksfjörður and our hotel was a charming former school with the biggest room we’ve had yet. The decor wasn’t as spartan as our previous hotels and a dog came to greet us.

Atlantic Puffin at Látrabjarg bird cliffs. Photo by Jamie Simo.

After dinner we drove to Látrabjarg, the most famous bird cliff in Europe. We were told evening was best to see the puffins and that was perfect. We saw several immediately perched on the cliff edge quite close to the path. They’rev very used to people so we could get close to take pictures. There were also young Black-legged Kittiwakes everywhere and Northern Fulmar chicks that were still covered with down. It was spectacular and definitely my favorite part of the trip so far.

Tomorrow is a long driving day up north to get us closer to the Arctic Fox Center.

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