Bio: As a native of Virginia, I'm a transplant to the Rocky Mountain State. I am a former Virginia Master Naturalist with dual degrees in English and Environmental Science and am a certified Master Birder through Audubon Society of Greater Denver. I'm keenly interested in the environment and fostering appreciation and respect for our natural world. I look forward to learning more about my new home and sharing what I know.

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Jamie, I’m enjoying your blog! I had no idea you even had one until I got your holiday newsletter in the mail today. 🙂 I read some of your posts, but you have posts all the way from June so I’ll try to read and leave comments.
    Congrats on your very good blog. Your pictures are wonderful.

  2. Hi, Jamie. I live in Evergreen and volunteer with Evergreen Audubon and the Evergreen Nature Center. Your blogs are excellent! I’d like to link your articles to our FB page and twitter occassionally if that would be ok with you. Come see us at the Nature Center when you have a chance. More info at http://www.evergreenaudubon.org

  3. Hello There New Colorado Naturalist:
    My name is Sarah Newton, and I am a volunteer board member with the North Columbia Environmental Society (NCES) in Revelstoke BC, Canada, (www.northcolumbia.org). As a fundraiser the NCES is designing 30 interpretive signs for a local ski resort. One of the signs is about the subnivean zone. I would like to ask if you would let us use your diagram of this zone for one interpretive sign. We would of course give a photo credit on the sign to your organization. All funds raised would go toward the NCES’s work of environmental education and conservation. Please let me know what you think, and if possible send us the highest resolution image available. The image can be found at, https://newconaturalist.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/the-subnivean-world/ Warmest regards, Sarah Newton

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